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the hardest writing woman

I have a story about how hard and tedious the writing process can be at times. Here it goes: I have been working on a short story entitled, “Testimony,” since May 2009. I submitted it as writing assignment and decided that I wanted to submit it to a literary magazine, The Interrobang. Well, needless to say, months after my submission I received  a letter (it really wasn’t a letter, more like a strip of typed paper) that stated how my story wasn’t selected, but to keep writing. I’ll admit I was disappointed that my story wasn’t accepted, but I wasn’t willing to “kill” my story. I got a friend to read my story, and I could tell he wasn’t really feeling it. He told me about parts that were confusing for him. So, I took an honest look at my story and saw that it could be improved. Ten months later, I’m still working on my short story, but it has undergone so many changes that the narration is different, the character narrating the story is different, but the plot line is the same. Originally, the narrator was a White woman; now the narrator is a Black woman. As you can see, revision is a tedious job, but keep writing, even if the bug has not bitten you yet.

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