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the road to writing glory

One of the great things about attending graduate school is the people you meet: students, professors, and visiting artists. I remember my first day at the University of Baltimore. Classes were held in the Charles Royal building, which had an underground bohemian vibe. The lighting was dim, the carpet was dark, and the conference tables were dark wood. I felt like I had submerged into a secret writing society. At the time, I was working at the public library as a children’s librarian, but I wanted to do something else in my life, even though the children were cute as a button. I always wanted to write a book, but that didn’t seem like a practical thing to do. But when you have a dream, it lives within you, especially when you aren’t following your life path. So, I took a chance on my dream and so far so good. My short story, “Elvis,” was published electronically in The Baltimore Urbanite, August 2009, Emerging Writers Issue. In the spring semester of 2010, I took  electronic publishing and got introduced to the world of blogging. Now, I have four blogs. In March 2010, my friend published my short story, “Elvis,” again, but this time with photographs of my book, Chocolate Dreams (2009) and an article written by me on how to make a hardback book.  So, my advice to you is to listen to your voice. It might be small and meek or it can be loud and aggressive, but listen to it, and hopefully it leads you on the right path. 

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fellow writers, how you doin’?

Welcome to The Writing Zone! Initially, this website was created for a midterm project at the University of Baltimore, but when thinking about the assignment, I thought that this was a great way to promote my work as a writer to you, the world, my fellow comrades, my beautiful people…yes, I’m getting carried away. Not only will this be a place for my writing, this will be a place where we will discover the works of other writers, some known and others not as well-known (hey, I’m all about equal opportunity). I want you, the public, to feel that you are a member of this website, so if you read a blog that you want to comment on, then do it! In this blog, I will share my writing experiences with you, and please feel free to share your experiences, too. This website is about community, so let’s be kind and respectful of each other’s opinions. Now, sit back, relax…and join me for the literary ride!


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