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got Twitter and WordPress?

I am starting a new creative project for my electronic publishing course. For our final project, we have to create a creative piece of work that involves one of the following: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, podcasting, online literary journal  and or an E-book.  For my project, I have decided to use Twitter and WordPress. For those of you who have read my short story, “Elvis,” I am creating a compilation of fictional diary entries written by the protagonist, Mr. Jones. The idea originated from the Twitter account, Genny Spencer. For this Twitter account, the great-nephew tweets lines from his great aunt’s diary. For my project, I also tweet lines from Mr. Jones’ diary entries.  However, after showing my classmate, Christine, my website, Diary of a Black Prophet,  she made an awesome suggestion; she suggested  that I have a character that interacts and responds to Mr. Jones’ entries. So, I think I will incorporate my friend’s suggestions to make  my project more complex and interesting.

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