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gluing together stories

Short story collections are hard to assemble. You have to think about how the stories work as stand-alones and collectively. Right now, I’m assembling a short story collection for my thesis at the University of Baltimore, and it is harder than I imagine, because when I wrote the stories I didn’t write them with the idea of putting together a collection. I have decided that I want my short story collection to feature stories that are mythical, mystical, and fantastical. Think magical realism meets Southern storytelling–that is how I would describe “Elvis” my first published story. I noticed that most of my stories are voice-driven and utilize unreliable narrators. When you read one of my stories, I want the narration to POP, EXCITE, and BE UNPREDICTABLE. To get a taste of the craziness, click here to read “Elvis,” which was originally published as web supplement for The Baltimore Urbanite, Emerging Writers, August 2009 issue.

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