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get your publishing on!

I’ve been interested in establishing my own publishing house, which I know will be hard, but with this new wave of technology, it can be a bit easier now. In Baltimore, there is a small publishing house named Publishing Genius. The founder is Adam Robinson, a graduate student at the University of Baltimore who is studying creative writing and the publishing  arts (I’m not sure if he has already graduated or not). Anyway, Robison operates a small press where he publishes fiction and poems. I love the cover art of Robison’s books–it’s very artsy and modern. That is what I love about UB–it’s so full of creativity. UB’s writing program emphasizes not only writing, but also design. In most graduate writing programs, students only produce a manuscript, but at UB students design their own books. I have designed a couple of books myself, check them out! I made them by hand, which was extremely tedious. One of my books, Chocolate Dreams (2009), is featured in The Indiestry Magazine, Spring 2010, Writer’s Block Issue. In my article, “How to Hand Make a Hardcover Book,” I explain how I constructed my book; click here to read the article.

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