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you ain’t been bit by the writing bug?

Have you ever felt like you aren’t in the writing mood? When the manuscript looks you dead in the eye saying, “Girl, you better finish me,” but instead of finishing it, your response is “Not now.” And “not now” turns into weeks, months, and even years. Here’s a solution: At the University of Baltimore, we have a philosophy called “plork.” It’s a play on the words, “play” and “work.” It’s a philosophy that asserts that the creative process is exactly that–a process–and it is something that must be honed everyday. Creativity doesn’t just fall out of the sky. Take these words from the Plork Humanifesto: “Creativity is a practice not a talent.” Try doing that and see what magic occurs. Sometimes, as writers we rely too much on feeling inspired to write. Yes, you should feel passionate about your subject matter, but there will be times when you aren’t particularly inspired, so you have to push yourself.  Remember artists create something from nothing. Creativity lies within all of us. Let her out and she will reward you.

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