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striving for perfection?

Inspiration. Where does it come from? If you know where to buy it, let me know, ’cause ever since school has ended, I don’t feel  motivated to blog or to write. When I was completing my graduate coursework at the University of Baltimore, I loved to blog! I loved viewing my blog statistics countless times throughout the day. It made me feel good to see that a particular post had received numerous page views. In my downtime, I would think about potential topics I wanted to explore on my blog. During the school year, I didn’t put much pressure on myself  regarding my blog. Now, I want my blog posts to be life-altering, profound, and deep. I want my posts to sound like poetry. I want them to sound like words that are running, humming, skipping, singing, and rejoicing. During the school semester, blogging was a way for me to think about something other than school work. Now that the semester has ended, the perfectionist in me wants my blog to be in the words of JJ from Good Times, “Dynamite!” But honestly, there is no such thing as perfect writing. All writing has its imperfections…so, it’s okay if my writing doesn’t sound like poetry. It’s okay if it sounds conversational. It’s okay if my writing sounds like me. Of course, I want my blog to be well-read, but what can I say that hasn’t been said before? Although I am glad the summer is here, I do miss being in a creative environment where I am challenging myself. At the University of Baltimore, I was reading other students’ work, reading experimental writing, keeping a visual journal, and attending readings. Now, what am I doing? None of the above. But, I’m starting to slowly find a routine for myself where I can truly be an artist. I have to realize that my blog posts are like myself—imperfect. 


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