|Craft Books|

At the University of Baltimore, MFA Creative Writing & Publishing Arts students are taught how to make their own books: hardback and soft back. In the Fall 2009 semester, I made both hardback and soft back books, including Chocolate Dreams (2009), Elvis, (2009) and Love (2009).

Chocolate Dreams, which was featured in The Indiestry Magazine, Writer’s Block Issue, Spring 2010,  is a short story collection of four stories: Elvis, Number Paradise, Sammie’s Blues, and Darlene. There are two versions of the book; one has chocolate end covers, and the other has gold. I used binding board to create my hardcover book.

Elvis only contains one story, and that story is “Elvis.” I created this book for a midterm project. I purchased my materials at the Plaza. The decorative paper was crystallized. I laid out the pages in Adobe InDesign. The typeface I used for the body was Adobe Jenson.

Love is made out of aluminum foil and tissue paper. I must admit I had fun making this book. Instead of cutting each paper precisely, I simply ripped the tissue paper. I wanted my book to be aggressive and in-your-face.