Mary B. Banks is a published author who lives in Baltimore, MD. Banks attended Baltimore City public schools throughout her school career. In 2007, Banks graduated from Johns Hopkins University earning a Bachelor of Arts in Writing Seminars. In May 2011, she  graduated from the University of Baltimore and earned a Master in Fine Arts in Creative Writing & Publishing Arts. She is the author of the blogs, Dreamer’s Paradise, The Diary of a Black Prophet, and Fan Mail of Mr. Jones. In May 2011, she founded La Muse Press, an indie publishing house that focuses on literary and experimental fiction. Banks published her debut book, Street Magic: Stories and Tales (2011), a collection of nine gritty, offbeat stories that deal with alienation, street life, and more. One of the short stories, “Elvis,” first appeared as a web supplement for The Baltimore Urbanite, New Voices: Emerging Writers issue in September 2009.